3 Ways To Escape Your Fitness Rut

By Ray Peleckas

We've all been there...a cheat meal turns into a cheat day which turns into a cheat week and then we are sinking in quick sand.  Just like everyone else, I've been there, too.  In this blog, I will outline 3 major ways to get yourself out of your fitness rut and back on a path to enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

The first thing to do is PLAN! Plan your schedule, plan your food, plan your workouts.  And when I say plan, I mean write it down.  There's something about writing things down that helps me actually attain my goals versus when I just say things in my head then nothing gets done.  I think writing it down makes me more accountable because there's written proof of what I set out to achieve.  

- Look ahead into the next 14 days and see what you're working with: travel, work events, anything that could derail you.  Then plan your attack!
- Set aside dedicated slots in your calendar ahead of time for working out and food shopping, prep/cooking.  If you schedule it into your days ahead of time, then you will have a harder time scheduling something else in its place.

- Create a grocery list.  
- Buy only what's on that list.
- Prep your food.
- Only eat your prepped food.  
- Typically shop/prep on Sundays and Wednesdays.  
- Stick with lean proteins and veggies in every meal.  
- Include some healthy fats like oils avocado or nuts and some good carbs like fruit sweet potato or oatmeal.  
- Drink lots of water.

- Write down your workout schedule and don’t let anything get in the way of that.  
- Wake up 20 minutes early on some days and do the Workout of the Week (found only on our app for free!)  
- Tell a friend of your workout plan, maybe they’ll join or hopefully hold you accountable.  

By following this simple outline, you will start to develop the habits of a healthy lifestyle before you know it! Let people know what you are doing.  It will motivate you!