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For those who want to carve out that enviable, sculpted physique, get ready to face a new kind of strength training head on. BodyBurn 2.0 took the original low-impact, high-intensity workout and revamped its principles into a 48-minute circuit.  In place of motorless gear, this focus is entirely on strength conditioning. But hey, don’t forget five minutes of getting down and dirty with weights will give your heart the same rush you get in any standard cardio session.

The Burn
Strength conditioning is the ultimate way to shred. A mix of TRX straps, benches, hex bars and barbells shape, lift and totally revamp your body composition.  Expect all the heart-pounding rigorous cardio paired with the lean, chiseled muscles everyone craves.

Total Body
Leave no muscle unworked with a daily focus on either Chest and Triceps, Back and Biceps and Legs and Shoulders.   As is the standard at BBBR, these exercises rotate monthly to activate your whole body and accelerate your success.

The Breakdown
The 48-minute class consists of eight stations, set to a tune of 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for a duration of five rounds.  Don’t be afraid to lift heavy—that’s when you’ll sizzle.

The Extras
We keep this one intimate. Classes cap at eight students, so you get more attention to detail and we ensure your every move is perfect. Newbies and regulars alike can expect video guidance during each class, too. Stop making excuses and get ready to burn.