1. Q: I’ve never used most of those cardio pieces that you have at your gym. Will I be able to follow along in class?
A: Yes! Our cardio equipment is motorless and powered entirely by you, so you’ll always control the pace to your ability. Before class, you can familiarize yourself with our guided videos (which also play on screens in each session), or talk to one of our instructors so be sure to arrive 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled class time.
2. Q: What should I bring and wear to class?
A: Wear what you’ll be comfortable burning in! We recommend athletic gear and sneakers, as well as a bottle of water. Towels are provided before every class.
3. Q: I have not worked out in a loooong time. Is this the right class for me?
A: Our first class for new visitors is always free because we want you to try it and see for yourself. Our dedicated instructors are always around to answer questions, guide you through each session and make you feel comfortable—and, of course, achieve your greatest burn.
4. Q: Do you have showers?
A: Unfortunately, no.
5. Q: How do I book a class? Do you have packages?
A: Reserving a space is super easy—simply register online or through our very own BodybuRn by Ray app (Apple and Google app store) and select your class. We currently welcome drop ins for $35 per class, and also offer memberships of unlimited classes at $199 a month.  If you sign up within 7 days of taking your first class free, you can lock in a rate of $149/month for unlimited classes!
6. Q: How long does it take for my body to start showing results?
A: Every client’s physique and goals are different. Along with sticking to a regular schedule of workouts (meaning three to four days a week), it’s important to be mindful of your nutrition. Our instructors are always happy to chat healthy eating with clients.  We also have a nutrition plan available on our BodybuRn by Ray app (available on Apple and Google app stores.)
7. Q: I need some assistance in tracking my progress. Do you offer that?
A: Yes! When you first start out at BBBR, you can have a personal fitness consultation. As you keep burning, you can reach out to us to set up some more.  In fact, in the coming months, we will be adding a BOD POD evaluation which can't be found around Boston.  More details to be added in the coming weeks about this innovative way to accurately measure your body composition.  
8. Q: I unfortunately have to cancel my membership. How late is too late?
A: While we hate to see you go, there won’t be any hard feelings. Just make sure to cancel your recurring monthly membership at least 24 hours before the new billing cycle.
9. Q: How do I cancel a class I booked?
A: - Cancelling up to 12 hrs before class starts? No problem! Cancel via the app, MindBody app, phone, email or in person.
- 1-12 hrs prior to 1.0 class = $10 late cancel fee and $15 for 2.0. Why? Late cancels are harder for your fellow buRner to fill that spot on short notice. We're trying to burn as many excuses for everyone so we can get the workouts done.
10. Q: I NEED that 6am spot on Thursday but the class is full. Help!
A: Here's what you need to do:
1. Put your name on the waitlist for a full class up to 1 hr of class start time.
2. 1st person on the waitlist will be automatically added to class if there's a cancellation prior to 1 hr of class. This person will get a text message and email notification of their luck.
3. Pumped that you made it on the list? We are too! You don't need to do a thing. Just show up and buRn.
4. Can't make it after all? You have to respond "no" to the text or email. This gives someone else a chance. No response = you will be in class. When you respond "no" the 2nd person on the list automatically gets notified of their ability to attend class. No penalty for saying no but if you don't show up then no show rules apply.
11. Q: It's 5:15p. I need to get into that 6p class. How do I get into that class?
A: - Sorry guys, but we can no longer accommodate sign up within one hour of class. Make sure to book ahead of time!
- If you're a glass half full kinda person, come to the club in hopes that there's an open spot. Positivity. It's a core value! :)
12. Q: I totally spaced and didn't make it to the 9a class I booked. Am I in trouble?
A: - Here's the deal. We're not trying to charge you for this and that. We just want everyone to have an equal opportunity to workout.
- Cancelling within 1 hour of class is no longer a possibility = No Show = $30. It's our hope this will motivate you to stay accountable and workout!
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