The motorless cardio pieces that we use in our BodyBurn by Ray class combine to make an unparalleled workout. Many of these cardio pieces you will not find at your average gym. All of our pieces provide the member with a low impact high intensity workout that will allow them to participate in our classes on a frequent basis without concerns of injury from high impact on the joints. With all of our motorless cardio pieces, the user is in complete control of the intensity and challenge of their workout. Thus, our group classes can accommodate all levels of fitness. Plus, unlike most cardio pieces at the gym that focus mainly on the lower body, many of our dynamic cardio pieces utilize upper body strength for the aerobic workout.

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Strike training is a high intensity activity that stimulates many muscle groups and improves strength, power, coordination, mental acuity, and endurance while providing mental stress relief.


Nexersys at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


The treadwall simulates a wall climbing experience that results in improved core strength and balance in a low impact manner. The user can achieve long cardio burns or quick muscle building depending on the angle of the wall.


Treadwall at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


This motorless ladder workout utilizes low impact, high range of motion to provide an intense total body workout.


Jacobs Ladder at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


Rowing utilizes all the major muscle groups and can burn a great deal of calories compared to other cardio activities. This rower in particular simulates the smooth feel of rowing in water.





Water Rower at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


This full­body impact­free workout simulates the poling motions of skiing, provides aerobic and strength benefits, and also simulates a resistance similar to snow.


Ski Erg at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


Unlike many cardio pieces at the typical gym, the Krank Cycle provides a cardio and strength workout mainly for your upper body. It can be compared to an upside down bicycle that you pedal with your hands. This aerobic workout also builds core stability.


Krank Cycle at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


On the TrueForm Runner the user does all the work as their is no motor. The curved surface promotes perfect form and efficient running.


True Form Runner at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


The Airbike uses air resistance to challenge the biker. The harder you push, pull, and pedal the greater the resistance and intensity of the workout.


Assault Airbike at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


The Versaclimber combines upper and lower body movements for a total body workout. The natural vertical climbing motion provides a challenging cardio experience for the user that engages all major muscle groups with zero impact on your joints.


Versaclimber at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


This stairway is powered by the tension on the waistbelt worn by the user plus the speed of the steps they take. Thus, the user is always in control of the speed and the degree of difficulty of their workout.


Jacobs Ladder Stairway at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


This workout builds one’s grip and pulling muscles and improves strength and endurance in yet another creative and nontraditional way.


Rope Pull at BodyBurn by Ray in Belmont, MA


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