As both the founder and a certified personal trainer, Ray is generous with his time, knowledge and insight. Ray’s number one goal is the success of all the members of the BodyBurn by Ray community. Ray wants all of his members to feel motivated, supported and safe at his studio while they work towards their fitness goals. He understands that for most people fitness is a struggle and people need to work at it every day.

Ray's route to founding BodyBurn by Ray happened through a string of unexpected events. A mischievous teen with a penchant for sports, Ray's past spun from a short but rough stint in prison to a seriously torn ACL treated by a torturous eight-year addiction to painkillers. Ray’s inherent positive attitude and determination helped him to overcome his setbacks and focus on recovery.

After helping a friend achieve some weight loss, Ray soon found himself training at a local gym, clocking in 12-hour shifts and quickly ascending to the club's list of most effective instructors. With accolades that range from Town Sports International’s top ten trainers to number one trainer by Boston Sports Club, it was only a matter of time before Ray realized he was leading the pack. So, he decided to set out and form a place of his own where he could establish a consistent level of success for his clients guided by his passion for fitness and helping others.

Certified by NASM and AED, Ray has embraced clients of all ages (from seven years old to 90), with open arms, an inspirational spirit and sense of priority. Regardless of one’s fitness abilities, wellbeing, health history and injuries, Ray and his dedicated team of expert trainers work diligently and wholeheartedly to ensure each client has a plan specific to their needs and the motivation to surpass their goals. Today (and every day after) Ray’s alarm goes off strictly at 4:30 am and he heads to his studio where both new and routinely regular clients have wandered in, sharing their own struggles, obstacles, desire, goals and, with time, achievements.

Ray Peleckas, Founder of BodyBurn by Ray


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“There is no education like adversity.”

Taylor Swift - New Romantics

Ice cream...Lots of it :)

In junior year of high school, I remembered the first 356 numbers of PI and recited them in front of my high school.