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Summary: Through a multidisciplinary approach, a team of Boston-based businesses will collaborate to help a selected individual go through a 12 week head to toe transformation.  

- Help an individual lose weight, gain confidence, and change other aspects of their physical features from hair, skin, nail, teeth, and clothing.
- To create a habit of living a healthy lifestyle and to inspire others.

Candidate Application: July 1st to August 15th

Candidate Selection:
- Candidates need to submit a picture, email, phone number, any personal social media names or accounts, and a short answer to the question, “Why Do You Need A Transformation?” (500 words or less)
- August 16 to 31st: Businesses to read through all of the applications and then select their top two.  Businesses will meet to finalize the winner.
- Winner announced Sept 1st

Candidate Requirements & Rules:
- The winner is required to do the following as part of their participation in the program:
Post every day during the 12 week process about their journey.  This includes Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat - both posts and video/stories.  There will be separate social media accounts created that are dedicated for the winner to use (not to use their personal account).
- Write a blog to post on the BodybuRn website and post on social media.  3 in total are required, but any extra would be great - Before the program begins, midway, and at the end.
- The candidate is required to follow the guidelines and regimen set out by the trainers and nutritionist.  
- If at any time, the candidate does not consistently follow our program guidelines, and/or represents the companies involved in an inappropriate manner, we reserve the right to disqualify the candidate from the program.
- Members of BodybuRn are prohibited from applying.

Run Time: September 10 to December 2nd

- Trainer: Do an initial Bod Pod assessment.  Work with the candidate every day using a mix of group classes.  At each month marker do a Bod Pod assessment.

- Nutritionist: Work with the candidate to create a meal plan.  Do weekly check-ins with the client.

- Meal Prep Service: Provide free or discounted meals customized to match the nutritionist’s plan. Amount to be determined.

- Dentist: Teeth whitening

- Hair Salon: During the final week, perform a live hair service.

- Aesthetician/Tanning: Two weeks prior to the end of the program, perform a facial.  Final week - provide a tanning spray.

- Nail Salon: Final week provide a mani/pedi.

- Makeup Services: Last day provide makeup services

- Clothing Store: Provide one free outfit. Have the client come in for a live clothes trying session. Give the client a discount for any other clothes purchased outside of the one free outfit.

Application Deadline: August 15, 2017

Get Inspired with This Transformation Video