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Kiss your standard elliptical and treadmill goodbye. In our signature Original Burn, you’ll meet a bunch of motorless gear (possibly for the first time). From a Treadwall that stimulates rock-climbing to the Nexersys, a strike trainer mimicking boxing, these innovative cardio machines are all-over body, all the time. You power the machine, ultimately choosing how intense and challenging it can be. So, whether you’re a newbie, a gymphobe or an Olympic athlete, there’s no excuses here—everyone can burn in their own way.

The Burn
As a low-impact, high-intensity workout, Original Burn is easy on the joints—so you can workout on a consistent basis without requiring extensive rest.

Total Body
Three workouts on a rotational basis give each muscle group a chance to burn: upper, lower and core. Consider it the trifecta.

The Breakdown
The 48-minute class consists of 12 four-minute segments, alternating between motorless pieces and strength conditioning sets.

The Extras
Never worry about keeping up again. Each class is equipped with video guidance on flat-screen TVs so you can perfect your form and stay safe—in addition to an energizing instructor and nightclub beats to fuel you, of course.

BodyBurn By Ray Live Class Feed

Want to get a first hand look at what an actual BodyBurn By Ray group fitness class looks like?  Below is a live feed of classes taking place right now during class times (see the schedule page) at our flagship location in Belmont, MA.  Once you've gotten a good feel for what class is all about, the next step is to sign up for a free class to try it out for yourself.  BodyBurn By Ray is a fun, unique, safe, and effective group class that is guaranteed to change the way your body looks and feels!
Please Note: When class is not in session, the live feed will be disabled. The screen will say "This camera is missing in action."  Do not worry, just come back to view class when it is in session.


Below is a sample of the guided video instruction that you will follow during our signature BodyBurn By Ray group fitness class.